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Sell It With A Story Workshop with Johanna Walker

Last night was the “Sell It With A Story” marketing workshop with Johanna Walker, public speaker and master storyteller. As a business owner, communicating what we do and why we do it is crucial. But how we communicate is just as important as the actual message. How does storytelling help your business? Telling your own story and offering a solution to the problem your clients are having demonstrates your experience and skill in this area.

In case you missed the workshop, here are the top takeaways from the night.

Why Is Storytelling Important?

One of the big reasons we tell stories is because we want to be relatable to our audience. It’s about being able to get out of your head and into your heart and your gut. THAT’s where the story becomes powerful.

  • Telling a story is the best way to make a connection and to convey the message you are trying to convey.
  • Stories show our humanity. Stories connect us with each other.
  • Don’t tell a story for the sake of telling a story.

When you tell your story, it’s really about your audience. It’s about awakening their story and establishing that connection.

Become A Better Storyteller

  • If you want to convince someone else, learn to connect.
  • If you want to motivate people, learn to appeal to their emotion
  • If you want to be a better speaker, learn to be a better listener.

The Journey To YES

  • The story sits in the context of your larger message.
  • What’s the end of the journey? What do you want them to say yes to?
  • Why does it matter to you? Why do you care? When you can communicate why you genuinely care and can translate that authenticity, that connects people to you.
  • What do THEY want? What does your audience want? It might not be the same thing you want. What are their goals, their vision? Why does that matter to them?

The Message Arch

  1. Validate the goal
    1. “I know what you want…”
  2. What’s in the way? Articulate the problem.
    1. According to them
    2. According to you
  3. Share your idea / story / discovery.
  4. Paint a picture of the vision of what’s possible if they say YES.
  5. Call to action. Here’s the action that will get you to that vision, to that thing you want.

Things To Remember


  1. Be unapologetic.
  2. Play at 100%.
  3. Go before you’re ready.
  4. Stay curious – be your own teacher.

Be connected to your body.

Connect your emotion to your voice, face, and body. Your story has emotion, it has change and transformation. You are different at the end of the story than you are at the beginning of the story. Connect with the range of emotion that lives inside of you, and connect that to your voice. Your heart speaks.

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Instagram Marketing Essentials with Cheri Ruskus

First, we would like to thank Cheri Ruskus for making the journey to our mountain community to share with us her Instagram insights! We learned about the basics of Instagram, how to analyze analytics, the importance of the platform, and how to reach our ideal customers + clients. Below is a short summary of the workshop.

If you were not able to make this workshop, we have another marketing workshop based on the art of storytelling next week! RSVP here.

Free Instagram marketing workshop at Hub Ned in the mountains of Colorado.

First…why Instagram?

One of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make as a small business owner is not being where your customers are. There are over 500 million daily users on Instagram, so the reach potential is robust. Since Instagram is a *free* marketing tool, it makes sense to do all you can to help your business have a robust, active, consistent, and engaging presence on Instagram.

Free Instagram marketing workshop at Hub Ned in the mountains of Colorado.

What To Post

For a lot of small business owners, the task of creating a new post every day can be overwhelming! Here are 5 ways to talk about your business on Instagram without being the icky salesman/saleswoman.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Share tips, how-to’s, demonstrate to your followers (and potential customers) what you know. This is your chance to show why you do what you do and how well you do it.

Share Your Passion + Interests

What are you most excited to share? What is it about your business that is unique and different? Taking the things you love and combining that with your business spreads your knowledge and passion. Knowledge is viral.

Free Instagram marketing workshop at Hub Ned in the mountains of Colorado.

Sell, But Don’t Oversell

Only 20% of your feed should be a direct sell. The goal is to build community.

Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is the ONLY platform that does not implement an algorithm that hinders your outreach efforts. As much effort as it took to build your following on social media platforms … you don’t own your Instagram following. Mark Zuckerburg does. Building your email list is the best way to reach your followers without algorithms and paid ads hindering your growth.

Social Proof

Share customer experiences, show your product in action, demonstrate your value.

Connect With Other Brands

What are the brands that matter to your business? Who are the brands / companies that you do business with? It’s a great way to foster collaborations.


3 Things To Keep In Mind


  1. Make Instagram a habit. How many hours per week do you use it?
  2. Map out your content so you have a weekly schedule to follow.

First Impressions Matter

Make sure you have a clear, readable bio that describes exactly what you do, and with your website link.

Find Your Hashtags

Using hashtags makes your content searchable and reaches more people. You can use up to 30 hashtags in a post … take advantage of this opportunity!! Keep track of your most-used hashtags in the Notes app of your phone. They are like keywords for a website. Search for hashtags trending in your industry. Stay away from hashtags that have over a million posts … your posts will get lost in that. Anything 10,000 and lower is a sweet spot.

Thank you to those who attended the workshop! We enjoyed learning alongside you. Please let us know what you liked about this workshop and what kind of workshops / events you’d like to see at Hub Ned here.