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Sean D Great spot, and a lifesaver! When the power went out across town in a snowstorm, they fired up the generator and kept the internet flowing. Haven't used a better co-working space, including my office at work! - Sean D. Jennifer M. i. am. blown. away. This internet is lightening speed!!!! I mean I knew it would be but experiencing it for myself is bananas. - Jennifer M. Naomi E. Excellent local work and meeting space for all of our Peak to Peak businesses, friends and neighbors!! Wonderful and generous owners..... - Naomi E. Liz H A great place for super fast internet, nice surroundings, easy commute and of course free coffee from Salto Coffee Works what's not to love about this space! - Liz H. Eileen P Hub Ned is THE place to work when you need to be seriously productive (high speed, dependable internet and friendly, yet quiet co-working vibe) but want the comfort and convenience of home. A huge thank you to the local owners for generously donating the community room for Women Entrepreneurs + Business Owners of greater Nederland meetings. - Eileen P. Chaucee S Hub Ned is a gem for remote works and those who work from home while living in the mountains. Really fast high-speed internet, and the owners are friendly and helpful! It's a great place to meet fellow entrepreneurs and creatives, as well as buckle down and get some work done. So thankful to have a space like this in our community! - Chaucee S. Jenny M I love living in the mountains, but working in them can be a beast. Limited data/slower internet speeds plus the inevitable cabin fever can really kill my productivity. Hub Ned is one of those work spaces where you can cozy up on a couch or crack down on your workflow at a desk- whatever suits you- and never feel like you're taking up too much space. - Jennifer M. Jenny N The high speed internet is truly amazing (especially because it worked even when there was a power outage in the area). I like the pleasant environment that the space has to offer. I have a choice of work surfaces from counters to couches to standing desks. The natural light and fresh air makes working in Nederland just as nice as living here. - Jenny N. Kiera  N Hub Ned saved me in a last minute bind! Nice work space with great views! - Kiera S. Cody T Great space, plenty of open desks and very nice facility. Close parking, friendly hosts. Really loved working from there and hope to be back! - Cody T. Sean D The Fastest Internet in Nederland. Not an exaggeration. Plus, it’s the newest and nicest building in town. If you are looking for a space to check back in with the "real world" after enjoying your time in the mountains, Hub Ned is an awesome co-working space to join. - Casey C.

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